Manhattan Motion Sickness

Entering Manhatten on a shuttle van was probably the most uncomfortable time of my life. But it’s not the van’s fault. Nope. It’s the gosh darn roads in this city.

I get motion sickness quite often. But it takes a LOT for me to actually puke and in all my 20 years I’ve never gotten it as bad as I did in New York City. I used my last tablets while on the plane from Abu Dhabi to JFK and as I left the airport I thought “I’ll be fine, cars usually don’t affect me”. I’ve never been so wrong. There I was, in the van with a person either side of me, trying with every fiber of my being not to explode over the already worn out upholstery. We pass over another few bumps in the road, a few metal plates, and pot-holes. My face is buried in my jumper, the dude next to me is clearly trying to escape, and I throw up IN MY MOUTH.

So I’m sitting between two very uncomfortable people trying to figure out what to do with my digested airplane food that I’m holding in my cheeks and I figure I’ve only got two choices: Down or out.

I choose to swallow it down for the well being of myself and everyone else in the van and I somehow manage to do it but it’s not exactly pleasant. Then, as we reach the next stop the dude next to me quickly makes his way to the passenger seat at the front. I can’t say I blame him. And to think, if I had my tablets, maybe we could have been friends.

I continued to feel gross every time I took a taxi, bus, or train (because the rails aren’t exactly smooth either) so I started taking motion sickness tablets every time we couldn’t travel on foot. I understand that the traffic (on road, foot, and rail) is way too congested to fix anything. So if you’re going to NYC and you get even a bit of motion sickness, be prepared because it can get pretty nasty. Don’t get me wrong, I love New York and I’m sure it doesn’t have the worst roads, it was just a bit of a shock coming from Australia! If you get motion sickness and you aren’t prepared, don’t stress too much, you can usually get some stuff at the airport or pharmacy. If you don’t have access to those, ginger tea is known to settle your stomach!

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