A Travel Blog

Welcome to Backpack and Boots! A travel blog where I share my adventures and tips with you as I see the world. Throughout my travels, I can guarantee I’ll have some whacky adventures to tell you about and hopefully learn from. I want to be able to help you fellow travelers with tips, tricks, and recommendations and have fun doing it! I post about what to see, what to avoid, travel tips, while also telling you about the shenanigans I get up to!

Flying Solo and on a Budget

No one I know wants to travel as much as I do, and certainly, none of them want to do it cheaply. Which is why I want to travel alone most of the time. This may seem lonely, but in fact, it brings around a lot of opportunities to meet people who are similar. As for traveling on a budget, I don’t really have another option since I’m a student with very little money. But that’s okay because I wouldn’t do it any other way! People often ask me “How do you do it? You’re so lucky!”. But I’m not lucky, I just know how to have an amazing time traveling, while spending as little as I can.

Travelling Artist

If I had to choose two things that I love the most, it would be Travel and Art. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to figure out the latter. I proceeded to start studying Graphic Design, and I love it… But I can’t shake the urge to travel. So I figured, why not do both? Having a creative profession allows me to be flexible and that makes me love it more. Though I haven’t graduated yet, I can still use the skills I’ve gained so far, which is why I decided to start Backpackandboots.com!